About Beginning Bodybuilding

Welcome to the website. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been a natural bodybuilder for over 20 years and I figured it was about time I wrote down what I’ve learned in an ill fated attempt to share the knowledge.  Or the lack of and spread myths!  Hopefully you’ll find this site useful, a few gems and we can both learn a little something.

One of my favorite pioneer bodybuilders was Vince Gironda.  It’s sad that so many people who are under 32 give me the stare of “who’s that?”  Shows my age but shows their ignorance.  If you don’t know, use that thing called Google or whatever the search engine is in the future.  He’s worth checking into.  What you can find that is.

Vince believed that beginning bodybuilders should train six days a week—not the three to four days a week you see advocated today. He reasoned that beginners are so full of energy and enthusiasm, that six days a week was good for them.

I couldn’t agree more!  When I was a beginner and in some ways, a true bodybuilder always is a beginner looking and seeking new information to excel, I would have been pissed if somebody told me not to train.  To not go to the gym 6 or more days a week.  In those first 5-8 years, I was so enthusiastic I could think of nothing else but lifting weights.

In my later years, I’m so happy to have done whatever I wanted.  As I’m older now, there’s plenty of rest days and if I tried to train 6 days or more, heavy, naturally, I’d be one sore, stiff person.  Not fun.  So I relish the above quote.

If you are excited beyond belief to go to the gym, delete every email and tune out every expert that tells you to stay home, rest, stretch and sit on your butt.  Go for it because mark my words.  You’ll have more than enough time in 10 years of hitting the weights to have rest days and to be off for a week because of some pulled muscle.

If you love what you do, do it often and do it a lot!

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